Info and terms of participation


Info and terms of participation

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Unfortunately, we had to cancel this year’s Generali Cologne Marathon. Instead we will organise a virtual edition, the Generali Cologne Marathon 2021 virtual edition.

You are to run the selected distance at a prefered time of the day on a course selected by your own within the given time period (see below) – wherever in the world you will be at that time.

For the course measurement and chronometry you will not need any transponder, but our Generali Cologne Marathon app. Before your run you can download it from the app stores (procedure see below). You are to take your smartphone with you during your run.

All features will be explained here.

Additionally to your virtual run via app we will offer another service, the ‘special scoring: Run for the flood victims’ in Cologne. Please find information and details here.

Terms and conditions

Here please find all important information for the Generali Cologne Marathon 2021 virtual edition. Only when accepting them and complying to them you are allowed to take part in the virtual race.

Note: You have to take your smartphone with you during the race for the tracking (Note: Tracking or smart watches cannot be used!). The GPS data will be transferred to our service and app provider for analysis and display in the map of the app.

You can run between October 3 to 17, 2021 (Central European Summer Time/CEST). Within this period the tracking will be activated.

Supported are Apple iPhones iOS 13 and newer as well as Google Android 7 and newer. Please update the software of your smartphone if necessary.

3 steps to the Generali Cologne Marathon 2021 virtual edition

1. Register online via our website

2. Download the updated Cologne Marathon app

For the participation in the virtual race the use of the new Cologne Marathon app and running with your smartphone are compulsory.

The Cologne Marathon app will be available in the Apple and Google Play Stores soon:

Download the corresponding app for your smartphone.

3. Log in into the app – done and start running!

Use of the app

Technical requirements

Clues for audio, music, navigation apps etc.

Note: Spectators or listeners can also use the app without any login.