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Running shirts made of wood?

No, this does not mean that you go running in the woods coated in tree barks not to disturb the animals!

It is the fact that you can produce fibres of wood that, mixed with organic cotton, is sustainable and well suited for running.

The fabric is extremely soft and temperature-regulating. It also absorbs moisture quickly and releases it directly back into the air. The wooden shirts cool when it is warm and warm when it is cold outside.

The fabric from the natural material is also ideal for allergy sufferers because it has an antibacterial effect. Thus, unlike synthetic fibres and clothing made of polyester, bacteria and thus also the well-known unpleasant odours are avoided.

It sounds funny, but works and looks great. And to add a little variety to your wardrobe – where there are probably a lot of short-sleeved running shirts – we have decided on a longsleeve design.

In collaboration with our supplier Saucony and the Wuppertal-based start-up wijld, we initiated a shirt made of 67% wood fibres and 33% organic cotton – 100% sustainable materials, 100% made in E. U. 🇪🇺!

If you do not trust us, come to our shop at the Running.EXPO in MOTORWORLD Cologne, touch it, feel it, try it, get convinced – and of course you can buy it there!

Here please find a video about the benefits of the woodshirt (in German 🇩🇪 only): Facebook | Instagram




Reusable cups in action

We need your help to make the Cologne Marathon more sustainable!

On October 13 the approximately 400,000 cups should not end in the streets any more, but in specially constructed nets set up at the refreshment stations along the course and in the REWE Group post-finish refreshment area.

100,000 reusable cups from RheinEnergie will be handed out in the REWE Group post-finish refreshment area and at a selected refreshment station along the course, collected and cleaned for the next reuse.
Because these cups can be borrowed free of charge for other events in the service area of RheinEnergie. Only the lost cups have to be paid.

The remaining 300,000 cups will be recyclable, collected separately also in nets and recycled afterwards.

This project is initiated with the AWB in order to reduce waste and force waste separation.

So please aim well and through the cups within the littering zones (areas of the refreshment stations till the last net per station) into the nets! There will be more than 100 of them!


Here please find a video how to use the cups: Facebook | Instagram




Nachhaltigkeit: Medaillen aus Holz

Freshly lasered medals

After crossing the finish line you will find a novelty: The medals will be of Hungarian wood 🇭🇺 from sustainable forestry, not of fossil zinc any more! Cut and lasered in regional Wuppertal 🇩🇪. This will be the first medal that you can also smell! Get surprised!

These sustainable medals can for sure be engraved with your name and your finish time on demand and order as usual at Neumarkt.

Compared to the metal medals from South Africa 🇿🇦 we can econonise 20 tons of CO2.

Note: The picture shows first drafts. You will get the final version in the finish!

Here please find a video about the sustainable medals (in German 🇩🇪 only): Facebook | Instagram




Information on even more sustainability – at the Running.EXPO and on our website

In case you still have questions concerning sustainability: We will set up a “sustainability booth“ in the foyer at the Running.EXPO in MOTORWORLD Cologne in order to inform you about our measures.

You can test (and buy) the sustainable woodshirt there. And we explain the medal production to you.
Further, a net for the reusable cups will also be set up. When you through and strike the cups into the net you can win one of the woodshirts!

And on our website we gather the whole bunch of measures concerning sustainability on a separate page! Click in and read!