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Thank You

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Your result. Your certificate.

Congratulations to your great race today! You reached Cologne Cathedral and received your well-deserved finisher medal! Superb performance!
We hope you are just as proud as we are and happy with your time!?

Please find your preliminary result and certificate here.

And in case you used our Cologne Marathon app as a runner you can share the result graphic (to be found in the „Social“ category) in social media – please with with #koelnmarathon and #runner! Thus, your post will automatically be visible on our # social wall (see raffle below)!

Note: The results will be final after approximately one week and will then be available on our website.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!

You performed great today and finished at Cologne Cathedral! Thanks for your participation! It was a pleasure to organise the race for you!
All the happy faces in the finish are motivation enough for us to implement the race year by year.

What would be Cologne without the running-enthusiastic and cheering audience?! Tens of thousands of spectators along the course cheered for you and pushed you to the finish! They lived up to Cologne’s name as a party marathon! This gave everyone goose bumps and was Cologne par excellence! Thank you all!

We also send a big thank you to the thousands of volunteers and clubs – at the expo, at the start, along the course, at the refreshment stations, in the finish, in the post-finish refreshment area and at the kit bag hand-out! Thank you so much for your support! You symbolise what Cologne is famous for! You are the face of the Cologne Marathon!

Further, we would like to thank our long-term partners and sponsors. It is them who enable us to realise such an event.

Thank you again everybody for your contribution to our event! We hope to see you all again on October 13, 2019!

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It does not matter whether you are a selfie god, photo fanatic or video junkie – post your most beautiful pictures and videos of today’s race via Facebook Messenger, Instagram (no stories) or twitter with #koelnmarathon and #runner (spectators with #spectator) onto our social wall!

Tell us your story! Show us what you experienced, how you felt, where you were, whom you met etc.!

Give yourself a chance to win: We will raffle nice prices for entries on the wall from October 6, 7, and 8!

Searching for pictures of yourself during the race? We have some!

Are you searching for pictures and/or videos of yourself that proof what you really achieved today and that you bravely fought until the finish at Cologne Cathedral? photographers took pictures of the participants at the start, along the course and in the finish. For sure they will also have some of you?!

Please check here in one or two days’ time again!

Save the date 2019

Next year’s date is already set; the corresponding registration will be opened soon.

Therefore, please already mark October 13, 2019 in your calendar!

We are looking forward to seeing you again being part of the party! Stay tuned!

Review our race and our app

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And our Cologne Marathon app in the profile setting of the app on “Rate app”.

Thank you!